Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn (imp)

Knabstrupper stallion at stud Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn

Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn is a rare imported Knabstrupper, the spotted warmblood from Denmark.


Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn - 'Alf' was bred in Denmark and born in Germany.

His sire Figaro Af Hallunbaek is one of the Knabstrupper breed's most popular and top quality stallions.

Alf's pedigree is rich with quality spotted Knabstruppers for generations and the results are obvious.

Alf is certainly leaving his mark with spectacular foals. Owners are also reporting how easy they are to do anything with and have lovely soft natures,and lovely comfortable free paces.

Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn has twice been the Sportaloosa representative at Equitana, coping with the huge crowds and proving to be a favourite with anyone who brought carrots with them! He now  is  fulfilling  his  potential  with  a successful   short  season  show jumping  with  talented  trainer  James Arkins.He  rapidly went  from  never  seeing  a coloured  jump  to  wins  and  places  at  top  shows   finishing off with  a D grade  Championship  at  the  NSW State  Championships.In  2015   we hope  to  see him  further his  efforts  with  James.

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