Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

Terrific dun filly

ELEVATED MOVEMENTBorn November another awesome daughter of Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn from the performance mare Cayuse Sign Of A Storm.

Owned by the McDonald family .Young.NSW.


Mac's Justin A Flash

best coltTruly spectacular tri-coloured colt (could have the dun factor)

Born August

HEAD SHOTSire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam:Macs Miss Jessie by Cayuse Fewsion.

Owned by Aaron and Mel McDonald Young NSW


Cayuse Quandong

dressage deluxeBorn 30 November 2013.

Sire:Quando Quando ,Olympic Grand Prix dressage horse.

Dam:Cayuse Few Moon.

Leopard filly that could be palomino.


Rachel Campbells foal

matched pairBorn12 September.

Loud black leopard colt by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam: Cayuse Just Enough Bling by Ric-O-Lena.

Cayuse Two Up

special colt

Born 16 November.

Palomino frosted rump colt.

Sire: Cayuse Chatta Lena from Cayuse Jesse O-Lena by Ric-o-Lena.

Wow a colt with a double cross of the cowhorse legend Ric-O-Lena!!

blue eyed boyPlus a double cross of Mighty Storm Song..special as!!

Cayuse Flash Of Darkness

Born11 November,

black spotted blanket colt.

Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn,

Dam:Cayuse Monikas Majik by Rotspon.LOVELY COLT


solid fillyBorn 8 November.

Lovely solid bay filly.

Sire:Cayuse Chatta Lena,

Dam: Peptos Flashy Oak by Peptos Stylish Oak(USA)

After her 3 coloured foals this is her first solid!


Cayuse Ison

Born 7 November.Chestnut spotted blanket,4 stockings colt.

Sire Cayuse Chatta Lena,

Dam:Cayuse River Storm by Mighty Storm Song(USA)LOVELY HEADFIRST FOAL

Cayuse Mighty Scendix

fancy coltBorn1 November.

A dun frosted blanket colt by Hunters Scendix(IFS)Hannoverian from Cayuse Skippen In Snow.

Mighty Incandescent

very prettyBorn 25 September.

Dun spotted blanket filly.

Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam:Cayuse Scratch Me First by Mighty Storm Song.

Mum and filly will be off to New Zealand early in the year after she is rebred to 'Alf".

Now shedding out to a grulla dun near leopard!

Cayuse Xxtra Grand

Born7 October.

day oldLoud Tri-coloured leopard colt.

Sire Xhoghun Middlesom(ifs)Knabstrupper.

Dam:Cayuse A Grand Star by Cayuse A Grand Illusion.

Last foal with the imported frozen Knabstrupper semen. Looks to be a top colt and should mature 16plus.

checking the girls

Cayuse Curtain Call

black leopard

Born 20 September.

Just the most awesome black leopard filly ,touch of blue in near eye!

Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam Cayuse Grand Opera by Cayuse A Grand Illusion.


curtain call



Cayuse Lady Of The Lake

good foal

Born 19 September.

A solid dark brown or black buckskin(being colour tested now)filly.

Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam:Cayuse Cornish Storm by Mighty Storm Song,from Cayuse Transfewsion.Super type.very friendly.

Cayuse FlashDancer

super sweetBorn 13 September.

First second cross Knabstrupper born in Australia!! Awesome tri-coloured filly.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam: Cayuse Dancin Queen by Xhoghun Middlesom (ifs)Knabstrupper.



Cayuse Dun In A Flash

red leopard coltBorn 9 September. Stout red leopard colt.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.
Dam:Cayuse A Dun Delusion,red dun daughter of Cayuse A Grand Illusion.

This mares first foal and a corker!!


Cayuse Xxtremely Windy

super filly

Lovely big filly by Xhoghun Middlesom(IFS)knabstrupper.

Dam: Cayuse Wind In My Tail by Mighty Storm Song from Cayuse A Grand Illusions full sister.

Going to be an awesome mare with the friendliest nature.

Born 20 August 2013