Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

Cayuse Monarch, our young Studbook One Sportaloosa stallion combines some of the best Knabstrupper sporthorse bloodlines  with the tried and tested working, show horse Appaloosa lines.

Just 2 in 2019  he has been started  under saddle   with great  comments  from all that handle and ride him. So we look forward to more training late 2020.

His dna results are interesting:LP/LP,PATN1/ n, EE,aa,Dd, 5 panel negative  and clear for WFFS1.

Won National Champion Suitability For Dressage. Registered Sportaloosa and Appaloosa.







Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp Figaro Af Hallunbaek Rasmus Af Hallundbaek  Rasmus Af Damgaard
Vibeke Af Hallundbaek
Flicka Dancans Coco

Malu Lynghoj

Conetti Lynghoj Aleksander
Sus Af Aagaard
Dixi Apollon
Cayuse Themesong Mighty Storm Song(USA) Mr. Chairman The Executive
Spanish Lisa
Mighty Wind Song Mighty Bright Again
Mighty Gay GG
Tonga Royal Bobby Royal Corporal(USA) Cowboy Joaquin
Quinkan Rhubarb Bar Bob Hill(USA)

Enjoying his first rides.