Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

Cayuse White Knight

lovely coltcayuse white  KnightBorn 3 Febuary  2015,Silver  white  fewspot  colt.

Sire: Cayuse  Chatta  Lena.

Dam: Confetti Of Cayuse.

Cayuse Cowboy Spirit

Born 5 December 2014. Tri-coloured  leopard  colt .Star, both hind stockings.

Sire: Cayuse Chatta Lena.

Dam: Aussie Spirit TB. by Invincible Spirit.

Cayuse Balou Over The Moon

Balou  febCAYUSE BALOU OVER THE MOONBorn:27 November 2014.Chestnut,spotted blanket over  rump,2 stockings.blaze colt.

Sire  Baluga(imp) by  Balou  Du  Rouet.

Dam: Cayuse Few Moon by  Cayuse  Fewsion.

CayuseMoonlight O Lena

moonlight o lena marchmoonlight palomino  fillyBorn:7 November 2014.Palomino  filly.

Sire:Cayuse Chatta Lena.

Dam:Cayuse River Storm by  Mighty  Storm  Song(USA).

Cayuse king Of Swing

Born 24 October 2104. Black  few spot leopard  colt.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af  Lyn.

Dam: Cayuse Dancin Queen by  Xhoghun Middlesom (KNN)

Cayuse Summer Love

Born 24 October 2014. Dun snowcap  filly.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af  Lyn.

Dam: Cayuse Summer Song by Cayuse Fewsion.

Cayuse Flashy In Red

Born 23 October 2014.Dark red bay  colt.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.

Dam: Cayuse Dun  Delusion by Cayuse A Grand Illusion.

Cayuse Spin Me A Tale

spin  me  atale  at  damspin  and mumBorn 20 October 2014. Chestnut  spotted rump blanket colt,blaze.

Sire: Squirrel Creek Magic Spin.

Dam:Cayuse  Gossip by  Ric-O-Lena.(full sister to  Cayuse Chatta Lena).

Cayuse Spellbound

classy fillyBorn 13 October 2014,Dark  brown  frosted  rump  filly,2 blue eyes.

Sire: Loris Flashpoint  Af  Lyn

Dam: Cayuse Cast A Spell by Cayuse A Grand Illusion.

Cayuse The Dark Duke

the  dark  dukeBorn 10 September 2014.Dark bay  colt/characteristics

Sire: Cayuse IronDuke.

Dam:Fantastic Four TB by Johannesburg(USA)

Cayuse First Duchess

Born 10 September 2014.Buckskin  filly (colour test: Ee, Aa, nCr, LP/lp)in the  dam

Sire:Cayuse IronDuke

Dam:Sirabbi By Sirocco (imp) Oldenburg.

Cayuse Duke Of Earl

Born 10 August  2014.Dark  Buckskin  white  hipped  colt.

Sire :Cayuse Iron Duke

Dam:Cayuse ThemeSong by  Mighty  Storm  song(USA).

Cayuse Alf's Majik


Born14  October 2014.

Red leopard  colt

Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af  Lyn.

Dam:Cayuse Monikas Majik by Rotspon(Hannoverian).

Cayuse The Quaker.

cayuse the  quaker marchthe  quaker trotBorn 2 November 2014. chestnut  colt

Sire:Jats Bar Adios  Acres ASH/AQHA.

Dam:Cayuse  Jesse-O-Lena by  Ric-O-Lena.