Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride


2011 Studbook Two Sportaloosa chestnut fewspot leopard mare,15.3.

Outstanding  threequarter warmblood  mare with the homozygous  leopard complex gene.

A sensible, freemoving mare that can jump too.

2015/16 season breeding to Sartors Supermodel(imp)

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2012 Knabstrupper bred  Sportaloosa mare, solid liver chestnut,15.2.

A lovely type of young first cross Knabstrupper mare.

Has a wealth of performance  blood to produce great types of equestrian mounts.

2015/16 season breeding to Sartors Supermoddel(imp)

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2012 Knabstrupper bred  Sportaloosa mare,15.3,chestnut  with   frosted rump.

A very  sweet natured mare with the  super movement the Knabstrupper breed

is known  for. Free jumped  with ease. Excellent type of  first foal.

2015/16 season breeding to Sartors Supermodel (imp)

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2013 Knabstrupper bred registered Sportaloosa mare,15.3,tested homozygous black.

A full sister to a couple of spectacular leopard  siblings.

A great moving  young mare,broken  to saddle and calmly ridden out bush.

2015/16 season being bred to Sartors Supermodel,(will be black and hopefully coloured)

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2007 Registered Sportaloosa/Appaloosa solid bay mare,15.3.

A stand out show mare with excellent sporthorse breeding.

She passes her  lovely nature, type and allround ability to her tall colourful foals.

2015/16 season being bred to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

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2005 chestnut Thoroughbred mare 15.3

A sweety of a mare, very quiet and even when racing had an unflappable temperament.

Raced  successfully with several wins. Her first Knabstrupper foal is now under saddle  and   progressing well

2015/16 season being bred to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

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2001 Australian Warmblood Mare.16hands.Very  friendly great moving mare combining the blood of Kassiber (imp) and contact(imp),

She  produces   tall,athletic  foals to excel in all disiplines of equestrian competition. Her sire a world cup  showjumper, also successful at eventing and dressage.

Bred to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

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Cayuse Mighty Irresistible

Foaled 23/8/1993,bay spotted blanket registered Appaloosa/Sportaloosa mare.

Please note this current photo is with foal at 23 years of age!! Just one of the best Mighty Storm Song(usa) mares ever. She has won   enormous amount of  ribbons and trophies  under saddle and led.One year she was hi point  performance horse of Qld.She was National champion reining,state champion  reining/dressage .Plus  snaffle bit cuttings lots of open dressage ,hunter and hack wins,led classes and   several  good scores  campdrafting. Her foals  have won state and national  performance  trophies  too. She  has a stunning leopard colt foal now.

2015/16 season  hopefully being bred to Cayuse Chatta Lena.

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Cayuse Red River

Born 21/10/2010 red roaning /spots registered Sportaloosa mare. Here is  a very very special  girl, being  a half sister to the  famous  jumping stallion  Cayuse Bling Du Rouet.

Her  sire is the powerful dressage /jumping imported Hannoverian  Riverside. River   has had a season  competing  hacks ,dressage at local shows  and  jumping well at home.A very trainable   big moving mare  with the sweetest people loving nature. She has just produced her first foal the most awesome bay leopard colt(see Cayuse Flash Flood in the foal section).

2015/16 season breeding to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

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Cayuse Summer Song







2009 registered Appaloosa/Sportaloosa dun roan homozygous LP/LP mare. The last filly  ever by the supreme allround performance horse and sire Cayuse Fewsion from th strong producing  Mighty Storm Song daughter.Saddly she broke her  hind leg as a foal, but after 8months intensive care and missing being put down  3 times ,she  grew and healed  and  completely sound now!!,A miracle mare.... So far has produced  2  top knotch  fillies  to Alf (Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn).

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2015/16 Season breeding to up and coming showjumping  star Baluga (imp).


Cayuse Monikas Magik

Born 7/12/2006,coloured  registered  Sportaloosa / Appaloosa mare.This own  daughter of the  Great Rotspon has  won  state champion Suitability For Dressage, reserve National champion  novice dressage. Also  won led hacks and placed in   open dressage. Superb mare to ride, also  adjusted to  stockwork well. Now  producing a string of great looking, great moving babies.

2015/6 season breeding to Sartors Supermodel (imp).

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Cayuse A Dun Delusion

Top class 2008 mare both in type, movement  and  temperament. Awesome  breeding. Unfortunately missed  being  shown due to my knee operation! Now producing superior  foals   for the performance  enthusiast.

2015/16 season breeding to Sartors Supermodel(imp).

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Confetti Of Cayuse

Superb big  powerful 2003  mare. Jumped a bit  D Grade in her younger days with the Creighton  family.Her  sire is a talented  A Grade  showjumper,and  still going strong .Proves the soundness of this  line. Has   produced  one  awesome  foal for us so  far, a palomino LP/LP, PATN1/PATN1 colt(now gelded  and  sold to top home for  film work).

2015/6 season being bred to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

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Cayuse Four Hurrahs

2012 Knabstrupper filly bred  with  frozen  semen  from Germany. A  sensible  quick learning  filly  with   the movement  and jumping  ability  to produce  future Knabstrupper  stars.

2015/16 season being  bred to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp).

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Cayuse Song Of Joy

Awesome  2012  model  by  Alf(Loris  Flashpoint Af Lyn),a homozygous LP/LP bay snowcap mare. Registered Sportaloosa/first cross Knabstrupper. She has  huge floating movement  and  has  free jumped  with  style.Superb  type ,balance and  lovely  sensible nature.

2015/16 season being bred IFS to worlds number one showjumping sire Kannan.

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Cayuse Pep Talk

1990 Liver  chestnut  Sportaloosa/Appaloosa mare, 15 hands  ,blaze,2 hind  stockings  sock  fore.

Top producing  mare   being  the  mother of  National.State  champions ,including Cayuse Chatta Lena.

2015/6 being  bred to Sartors Supermodel(IMP)

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Cayuse Likeable Lena

cayuse likeable lenaBorn:25/8/2006. Red leopard 15hands.Registered  Sportaloosa/Appaloosa.

Very  versatile  and  talented  mare.One of the very  few  own  daughters  of  the  cutting legend,Hall Of  Fame Ric-O-Lena!

National  champion  Reining,games  and  campdraft  placegetter.A mare  with  a ton of  cow  and   personality  plus.

2015/6 bred  to  Nonda Sting ASH.

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Cayuse Grand Opera

Born :24/10/2008. Chestnut roan,blaze,stockings  ,2 blue  eyes,15.2.Registered Sportaloosa/Appaloosa.

One of  our  favourites, shown locally  with  success.Very  smart  and   trained  for  liberty  work too.Producing some  sensational foals.

2015/6 Being  bred  to  Sartors Supermodel(imp).

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Cayuse Gossip 'Bout It

Cayuse Gossip2007 dark palomino with  spots ,15hands,Registered  Sportaloosa and  AAA.

A very  classy moving  and  cowy  mare.A  full sister  to  the  National  champion  and  sire Cayuse Chatta Lena.

Trained  for  campdrafting

Just  entering  our  broodmare  band and  so  far  produced a stunning chestnut  blanket  colt and an awesome filly by One Roan Peptos AQHA.

2015/6 Being bred to Cayuse Dark Enchantment.

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Sirabbi2006 Dark brown 16 hand Warmblood mare.

Absolutely  awesome  movement on this  mare with  the  sweetest  nature.

She has an interesting  pedigree Sirocco warmblood plus  Andalusian on the  bottom  line.

2015/6:Being bred  to Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp).

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Fantastic Four.

16 hand Dark brown Studbook  Thoroughbred  mare                                                        

A Super  type that  performed  well on the  racetrack with  places in the  city racing.

A  quiet  mare with  very  good  paces and  excellent  type to produce  allround  performers.

2015/6 Being  bred  to  Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp).

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