Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

Cayuse Alice

Born 27/11/2017. This is  a very flashy young filly. She wont grow tall being out of a super bred working mare. Mature  14.2-15.

A brilliant red leopard she will strike  an imposing figure under saddle. Registered Sportaloosa  but also can be with AAA as her sire is now an approved  appaloosa outcross sire!

She would be best suited to some good home where  her athletic talents will be used to the max. Very quick on her feet,turn and stop like lightening! Would suit  sporting , ranch, working equitation

plus any of the Olympic disiplines  as will jump and has good paces. Needs to go and get loved now. Handled to lead,tie up and go on the truck.  Good price for a good filly: $3300.


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