Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride


Born 29/12/2013 this  is a deep red chestnut  gelding,around  15.1 and  growing. His  sire is the  talented  jumper Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn

and his  mum , Cayuse Pep Talk is  the mother of  many talented  horses including our stallion Cayuse Chatta Lena. This young  gelding is

waiting patiently  for a good  keen rider to buy him. He has  a sensible teachable nature  and has  had a little  riding but due to various

circumstances is  still growing up in the paddock with his  friends. He  free jumps with style  and  has  very good movement.Ideally  would                     

be good to train on for eventing.dressage,jumping, working equitation  or  whatever youd like to do  as he'll be a real  handy mount.


Price now  before further training $4400

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