Cayuse Sportaloosas - sound, sane, spotted and smooth to ride

2012 foals

Cayuse Song Of Joy

one week old

Centered Text

Born 8th.September.First foal and what a Ripper!!
First foal from my best liberty/riding mare Cayuse Grand Opera and by 'Alf' Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.Just perfect and can she move!!

Another of Cayuse Song Of Joy 
a stunning filly,yes with 2 blue eyes to top it off!!And now silvering out for a totally new 2013 look!!
perfect girl

Cayuse Flash O'Blue

Born 8th September,3 weeks early,a few hours after Song Of Joy.Awesome start to the seasom with 2 mouthwatering fillies!!Her dam Is Cayuse Scratch Me First,so I know that this baby will be super quiet and super smart.Dad again is Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(imp)

blue filly


smart colt

Cayuse Chattallac

Born 20 September.Super handsome blanket coly by Cayuse Chatta Lena from the beautiful Mighty Storm Song mare Cayuse Dun Up Pretty.Very pretty head and has very small spots in blanket.

cayuse Chattallac

will be a show stopper!

3 weeks


knabstrupper filly

Cayuse X Over The Rainbow

Born 25 September.A very special Knabstrupper filly.Bred by frozen semen,sire Xhogun Middlesom and from the super quiet race winning TB mare Petite Rainbow.This mare has produced a very good type with a lovely sensible nature.Going to grow into a wonderful mare.Photo at 2 weeks.
the best

Cayuse Lady Guinevere

Born 2 October.WOW!!Words can't describe this filly!!! One of a kind and she knows she's super special..Yes she has 2 blue eyes too!!
Dam is Cayuse Cornish Storm and dad is Loris Flashoint Af Lyn(this filly a full sister to the great colt Cayuse Tintagel!)
growing up happy with mum

Gorgeous mare and foal

what more could you want!!
classic leopard colt

Cayuse Transcontinental

Born 11 October.Well the grand old mare Cayuse Transfewsion crossed well with Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn to produce this big,grand tri colored leopard colt..yes he looks every bit a future jumper too!!

Cayuse Transcontinental

Fancy mover

Checking out the hay wagon!

brother and sister

A foals life is tiring!!

one day old

Cayuse Thats Pretty

Born 14 october.well the name says it all, lovely big filly by Cayue Chatta Lena from the great producing quarter horse mare Peptos Flashy Oak(peptos stylish oak x docs freckles oak).Third colored foal in a row to Chatta and they just get better!!
terrific type of filly

Cayuse Thats Pretty second day!

This lovely filly is shedding out to a deep palomino!will be interesting what colour she ends up

Cayuse Flash James

photo at 1 day

His name says it all a special colt with a ton of presence!Born 21 October,tri coloured leopard by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn from Cayuse Jesse 0-Lena by Ric-O-Lena.

lovely colt

Cayuse Flash James

New coat coming through with lots of colours!
Carbon copy of mum(ha except the blanket).Born 7 November.Stunning daughter of Cayuse Chatta Lena from Cayuse Irresistible.2 Blue eyes and extra friendly!
Love at first sight!

lovely type of filly

'proud as punch'!


Cayuse Few Moon produces another stunning foal.Super tri-coloured leopard filly by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(Alf).Born26 October
one of my favourites!

stunning colours!
peaceful sleeps!!


Another wonderful blue dun snowcap blanket filly.Born 6 November.Awesome mover,will be a goodun!Mum is Cayuse ThemeSong and dad is the stunning Knabstrupper 'Alf'

1 day

Song Sung Blue growing up and starting to she back to a beautiful blue dun!

can't wait for their next foal coat


Born 9 November.A black blanket filly bred by frozen semen from Germany.Sire: Hussar Of Independance,Knabstrupper and dam is the lovely Johannesburg(USA)Thoroughbred mare Fantastic Four.
hate foals and droughts!
Alf sharing breakfast 
Alf out with his band of mares likes to share his daily breakfast with one of the foals...maybe he's getting in sweet with his future bride here Four Hurrahs!!
Sharing breakfast
great moving colt with impressive build


Wow a super type of Sporthorse colt.Deep gold palomino born 29 October.Dam Cayuse Moonwalker,Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn
breedy type of filly


Born 11 November.First foal for the beautiful dun Mighty Storm Song daughter Cayuse Carbon Negative and dad being Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.Dark brown,not sure if has a dun factor.

Will make a super allrounder
pretty headed girl
Born20 November.Cayuse Pep Talk gave us another lovely leggy filly.To date all her fillies are solid and all colts coloured!~!Sire:Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn.
will make a super mare
very dishy head


Born 1December,a very pretty chestnut with white on hips filly.Mum is the super mover Cayuse Monikas Magik and dad is none other than 'Alf'!!
has awesome movement too


Long wait for the last foal of the year.A true black colt ,from the grand old TB mare Dark Purpose.Born 29december 2012.with his elegant shape and legs that go on forever should be a stunning hack/show/dressage candidate.

True coal black colt


Sired by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn(Alf)

has that innocent'Alf' face!


katrina allens filly

this lovely filly from the riding pony mare Northwood Glamour
sired by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn

beautiful filly


Congratulations to Cat Baird,Auchmedden Thoroughbreds,Qld on this wonderful filly by Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn from the beautiful Skips Supreme mare Cayuse Skips Stinger,
perfect girl


Armstrong Walked strutting his stuff!

trotting along


boys will be boys

Boys will be boys ,Chattalac annoying Thats Pretty!!